Pacific Maritime Ecozone

About Our Geography Class

Boring? Tedious? Dreary? Not here!

Written by Zahra K. & Caroline L.
April 18, 2006

Have you ever laughed or enjoyed in any of your geography classes? That answer's probably a "No", unless you really, really love geography. That's because geography classes are meant to suck that extra bit of energy from young students and bore us to death...right? Well, this scenario is quite the opposite in our grade nine geography class (a.k.a. CGC1D0, if you're course code oriented). And in case if you are wondering about what makes this class so unique and funny, read the points below and you'll get what we're talking about.

Some of the important things that you should be aware of in this class are:

Statement 1We all know that most teacher-humor is anything but funny. However, if you really want to be "ahead of the game", laughing at the jokes your teacher cracks is probably the best thing you can do.

Statement 2Just forget about memorizing where important stuff like the Pacific Ocean and everything is. As long as you can point out the locations of random, "completely-unheard-of-places", you've got the gold medal in your pocket!

Statement 3Our teacher hates hair gel (even though he himself wears it all the time). So if you happen to be one of the "hair-gel-addicted-guys" you are so busted!

Statement 4We sympathize, from the deepest of our hearts, with all those clumsy people who can't walk two steps without tripping over a chair or sending some acid flowing in random directions in the science lab! So here's a piece of advice for such people: Never go anywhere within a mile of the teacher's coffee (especially when it is half-full)!

Statement 5Singing is a pure talent - which is why those who can't sing end up taking courses like geography; but in this class, our extremely generous teacher makes sure that we aquire both; the geographical and the singing talents, at the same time. (Isn't that just wonderful?) Statement 6

Oh, and just a reminder... Dancing along with the songs that you sing could earn you MAJOR bonus marks!

Statement 7When you see that the class lights are going on and off constantly, don't panic and think that all this is like a part from a ghost movie, where the ghost tries to scare the hell out of the people by messing around with their lights. Oh no, it's just our teacher doing that to get everyone's attention. =D

So this is a bit about how our class works. We are sure you guys are probably envying us for having so much fun in geography (of all the subjects)! We guess it's basically the teacher who determines the "excitement level" of the class. So we should really be thanking our excellent teacher for making us dance, sing, laugh and talk, all at the very same time! =D