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About Us

Written by Zahra K.
Edited by Caroline L.
March 26, 2006

In case you were wondering, we are two innocent ninth graders, Zahra and Caroline, in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area - it's in the southern part of Ontario, Canada) who came to know each other through a geography assignment: A project that can be labeled as a bad omen!

But, I am not writing all of this to let you guys in on a sneak preview of our lives OR any of our personal issues! In fact, I am doing this, mainly to give you guys some pointers on how to survive a crucial project without bursting any of your veins!

10 'Handy' Pointers for School Projects - Especially Geography! Not to be ignored

Pointer 1We all know that schools can't always afford the very best. So, if in case, you are stuck with a really crappy, 70's computer, don't panic! Treat the machine with the utmost respect...or else it'll punish you by getting stuck the minute you are done with your work!

Pointer 2Floppy disks can be a nuisance. Especially, when they make weird 'popcorn-machine-like-sounds'. So, our advice to you would be to use a CD instead.

Pointer 3It's understandable that your deadlines cause a lot of stress. Which, in turn causes us to forget a lot of stuff. So, it's advisable to jot everything done in your binder. Make notes like: eat lunch at 12:00, bring a pencil tomorrow, etc.

Pointer 4It is always rude to forget your own teacher's make sure you put that in your agenda as well!

Pointer 5It is extremely annoying when the library decides to close early, on the exact same day you had planned on completing your project. In order to avoid this fiasco, make sure you have back-up plans!

Pointer 6Microsoft Publisher can act extremely retarded at times and may take forever to open a single file. In order to avoid dying from boredom and frustration, make sure you have a partner with a humor that works, and you'll be okay!

Pointer 7People at the travel agencies can either be highly rude or extremely talkative. Both can be very annoying when your don't have much time to spare. To avoid getting evil eyes or long, monotonous 'speeches' from these people, go directly to the shelves that contain the brochures you want, grab them, and LEAVE!

Pointer 8When making a plan with your partner to meet at the Central or Main Library, whatever they call it in your city or town, keep in mind that it's HUGE! So, to avoid getting lost for half an hour and hoping that your partner will miraculously find you somehow, arrange the place you guys want to meet beforehand.

Pointer 9Long research projects like these are for expanding our knowledge. You might see things that you've never noticed before around you. Like realizing that the boys who wear those huge coats and baggy pants who drag their feet down the school hallways are much, much like the grizzly bears!

Pointer 10Treating yourself after putting weeks of hard work in your project is always a good thing. So, go to Tim Hortons, McDonald's or just wherever you want!

Hopefully, our little pointers will help those of you who'd be unfortunate enough to take this course next year. =D